• What is physical therapy?

    Physical therapy is a medical, hands-on approach to relieving pain and restoring function. Physical therapists are medical experts in musculoskeletal and neurological conditions who work closely with physicians. Our physical therapists evaluate your movement patterns, identify the cause of your pain, and work to eliminate it using a variety of gentle hands-on techniques, exercises, and equipment. The overall goal is pain-free mobility and to prevent the pain from recurring!

  • How do I know if physical therapy will help me?

    Working with you and your doctor, we can discuss your options and help determine if physical therapy will be the right choice for you. Contact us today to discuss your current condition and even set up a free consultation if you choose.

  • Can I go to any physical therapy I choose?

    As a patient you have the right to receive physical therapy at any place you choose. At G3 Physical Therapy & Wellness Center, you will receive the highest quality care while achieving the results you need.  We pride ourselves on providing a positive, encouraging environment with well-trained, friendly staff.  We are confident in our ability to help you reach your goals and live a pain-free life.

  • Do I need a prescription?

    No. California is a direct access state. This means you do not need to go to your doctor to get a prescription to begin physical therapy. We have a long history with several doctors with specialties in different areas, so if you do need to see a doctor, we can recommend one to you.

  • How do I schedule an appointment?

    Our scheduling is easy and we offer a convenient location and appointment times for you. We have morning and evening appointments available to meet the demands of your busy schedule. Call us today or request an appointment.

  • Do you offer programs for me once I’m better?

    Yes, once you have completed your therapy sessions, your therapist will review your continuing home program.  We can make arrangements to meet you at your gym to work with you on determining what equipment may be beneficial, and what exercises would be helpful in your continued recovery.

  • What types of education/training do your therapists have?

    Physical therapists have years of university-level training in anatomy, physiology, kinesiology (study of joint movement), neurology, and many other medical sciences. All our physical therapists are state-licensed and have graduated from accredited physical therapy programs with either a master’s or doctorate-level degree. Rest assured, your therapist is well-trained to treat your condition!

  • Do your therapist specialize in a particular body part?

    Our therapists don’t specialize in any specific body part; they specialize in the whole body. We practice Applied Functional Science, and to effectively treat your injury, we will also be looking at other parts of your body in order to find any underlying causes of your pain so you are less likely to have a recurrence.

  • Who is your best physical therapist?

    All our physical therapists are great!

  • Yeah, but who’s the BEST?

    Our head clinicians are Alex, Monica and Tom, but like I said, all of our physical therapists are great.

  • Will it hurt? Should it hurt?

    We do not search for pain, but as you restore your mobility, pain levels can fluctuate. You might experience some temporary soreness from using muscles that are weakened or recovering. We will do some provocative tests only as needed to rule in or out certain ailments, and after the initial evaluation, everything we do is designed to help you move without pain. Our goal is for you to leave each session feeling better than when you arrived, so please speak up loud and clear if you’re experiencing discomfort! 

  • What should I bring to my first appointment?

    Please have your prescription and insurance card available when you call. This will allow us to verify your insurance benefits and provide you with an estimate of coverage.

    To bring on your first visit:

    • A prescription (if needed) for physical therapy from your referring physician, ARNP, or PA.
    • Insurance information (we will make a copy of your card).
    • Print out the patient forms, fill them out, and bring them with you.
    • In case of an automobile accident or worker’s compensation claim, also bring any case manager or insurance adjuster contact names, phone numbers, and claim number.
    • Please arrive 15 minutes early to complete any remaining paperwork, so you can maximize your time in your evaluation.
    • Please wear comfortable clothing that allows easy access to your problem areas.
  • How long will my therapy sessions last?

    Typically, the first session lasts for 1 hour 15 minutes. Each session after that may be 45-60 minutes. The amount of time will be based on your specific needs, and your therapist will discuss this with you.

  • How many sessions will I have?

    Each patient’s diagnosis is different. Your plan of care and number of visits will be determined during your first visit and explained to you by your physical therapist. How consistently you schedule and attend your appointments, and how diligent you are at doing your home exercises, can also have a big impact!

  • Do you take my insurance?

    We take almost all PPOs, HMOs through Scripps, and Medicare. Call us for more information at 760-452-2640.

  • Does insurance cover my treatment?

    Yes, in most cases it does. Our office will be happy to assist in contacting your insurance company and determining your coverage based on your individual policy. For more information, visit our insurance plan page and please do not hesitate to contact our office. We do offer different payment options for your convenience.

  • What if I don’t have insurance?

    For patients who do not have insurance, we offer a discounted fee, due at the time of service.

  • What type of payment do you accept?

    We accept cash, check, debit card, and credit card. We are happy to discuss payment plan options as well. It is our policy that payment is made at the time of service. Your insurance benefits will be determined before your second visit, and you will be informed of what, if any, payment is necessary on that date.

  • What do I wear?

    Comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that allow easy access to your problem spots are a great choice, along with supportive, closed-toed shoes (preferably sneakers).

  • Are you located in the big brick medical building located on El Camino Real?

    No, we have 2 locations, one in Encinitas and the other in Solana Beach. The Encinitas location is located at 227 North El Camino Real. Our driveway is just north of the Jiffy Lube’s back driveway. There’s a big G3 on the side of our building!

    The Solana Beach location is located at 740 Lomas Santa Fe Drive, just west off of Interstate 5 in the Citibank building on the second floor, Suite 208.