G3: The Power of Community

We are often asked, “What does “G3” stands for?”

Well, when moving through the re-branding process from an earlier physical therapy business, Sandra and I wanted this new brand to capture the essence of our hearts, which is the power of community. Thus, the 3 “G’s” in G3 stand for: Gather, Give, and Grow. We not only focus on Physical Therapy, but also a set of services for overall well-being and are located in Encinitas, CA.

G3 is meant to be a physical and virtual place where people gather to improve their well-being, and during the process, we each give ourselves to the other through knowledge, effort, support, and encouragement. It is in this process of giving that we all have the opportunity to grow in knowledge, function, and emotions.

  1. From a practical perspective, G3 focuses on the following areas:
    First and foremost, G3 has always been a physical therapy clinic practicing functional physical therapy based on the approach from the Gray Institute called, Applied Functional Science.
  2. In addition, our focus has expanded to our patients’ and clients’ overall well-being. Thus, we are also now a “wellness center,” which offers the following services: nutrition, massage, acupuncture, mindfulness training, personal training, and fitness classes.
  3. Finally, we recently added women’s health services and have become the area’s leading women’s health physical therapy provider as a result of our interesting and very effective functional approach to traditional women’s health physical therapy.

As a whole, G3 hopes to provide patients and clients with knowledge and the tools by which that knowledge can be implemented. Our goal is to help break old habits and establish new, healthier ones, and this involves any area of concern, from habits that are biomechanical, such as improving posture, to nutritional habits, such as breaking the “sugar habit,” to emotional habits, such as managing stress. At the end of the day, our desire is to assist our clients and patients with implementing lifestyle modifications that lead to their greater well-being.

From a human perspective, G3 is about the power of community! Yes, when working with our patients and clients, our goal is to arm them with the knowledge they need to successfully achieve the goals they set out for themselves. The statement, “Knowledge is Power” certainly holds true in these cases. However, knowledge alone often won’t result in reaching the goals set. Instead, the key to achieving goals in the realm of physical therapy, women’s health, and wellness is definitely, community!

At G3, community comes in the form of encouragement, physical and emotional support, kind accountability, and an overall culture of acceptance, love, and teamwork. We often mimic what we learned from our mentor, Dr. Gary Gray, PT, of the Gray Institute, specifically in the way we think and speak in terms of “three’s” and the three planes of motion:

  1. Principles, Strategies, and Techniques
  2. Biological, Physical, and Behavioral Principles
  3. Body, Mind, and Spirit

We also know that the power of community speaks to the spiritual and behavioral needs of our patients and clients. Therefore, it is our sincerest attempt to encourage, build up, and instill belief and confidence in them so that they are open to doing the things that will help them develop new habits that are necessary to reach their goals. Community is the environment we attempt to create to facilitate success.

In reality, the G3 community goes way beyond what we attempt to do at G3. It is actually our patients and clients who create the community and environment of encouragement, compassion, empathy, accountability, and love for us and their fellow patients and clients! It’s honestly the “dirty little secret” of the G3 community because it is those of us that have the privilege of serving our patients and clients that end up being on the receiving end of the encouragement, love, and fellowship. Truly, it never fails…at the end of a long and exhausting day, we go home feeling better about ourselves and our little world than we did 8 or 10 hours earlier. And that’s all thanks to our generous patients and clients!

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