How Acupuncture Helps Victims of Fire Disaster in San Diego


With the blazing Lilac fires of San Diego destroying more that 4100 acres, there are many in shock from not only the destruction of their homes but also those who have tried to help firefighters and of course the firefighters themselves. When trauma happens, acupuncture can help!

Why We Use Acupuncture for Trauma Prevention and Treatment

Rhonda Epstein, Acupuncturist at G3 Physical Therapy & Wellness in Encinitas, is also a member of the non-profit, Acupuncturists Without Borders. She reached out to help trauma victims in the San Diego county the first week of the fires.

“Acupuncture is a part of ancient medical tradition that originated in China over 3,000 years ago, and is an integral part of primary health care for hundreds of millions of individuals worldwide. For most of this history, the practice of acupuncture was confined to Asia. Since the 1950’s, acupuncture has been increasingly accepted in the United States, Canada and Europe as an effective, low-cost, simple, safe therapy for pain control, stress and trauma reduction as well as helping with substance dependence.” (see full post on Acupuncturists Without Borders:

Benefits of Ear Acupuncture

“It is one of the easiest ways to create rapid therapeutic results because the sensitivity of the acupuncture points in the ear communicates immediately with the centers of the brain that control all the body’s functions…

It is proven to be a very effective, non-pharmaceutical treatment for neurological distress and can help with anything from asthma and pain symptoms to hormonal imbalances, weight loss and addictions of all types. The greatest benefits to my patients are the powerful relaxation and stress-relief response that comes so quickly from points on the ear”.
– Dr. Peter Kadar
(see his blog post:

If you or a loved one has had a traumatic experience, please consider seeing Rhonda at G3 for this healing service. Acupuncture has many additional benefits and is suggested for many overall health benefits. (Link to Acupuncture Service Page. At G3 we take a holistic perspective on your total health, well-being and functional movement. We offer acupuncture, massage, lazer, among other services to compliment our physical therapy. Contact us today at 760-205-1500.

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