About G3 Physical Therapy and Wellness

Our Story

As the owners of G3 Physical Therapy and Wellness Center, Mike and Sandra have always had a passion for functional physical therapy and spent years building a successful reputation for the business. G3 is the evolution of their therapy practice into a more comprehensive approach toward health and well-being. The elements of functional movement and personalized patient care remain, but the philosophy has progressed.

G3 is an idea that true health is only achieved when movement along the three planes of motion is paired with nutrition and mindfulness. G3 is also a therapy wellness center where people can gather and give of themselves to grow their minds, bodies, and spirits. Mike and Sandra have built G3 to humbly serve and support their patients and the community around them, creating strong relationships and long-lasting health.

Our Founders

Mike & Sandra Van Gilder have a total of twenty years combined in the physical therapy and wellness industry. Their passion for patients, involvement in the community, and drive to see others succeed in every aspect of their lives creates a welcoming and supportive environment at G3.

Mike VanGilder, DPT, FAFS

Sandra VanGilder, DPT, FAFS

Our Team

We are proud to have a talented team of physical therapists, wellness coaches, and women’s health experts all under one roof. Our staff’s passion is to impact each patient’s life both physically and emotionally through positive reinforcement and intentional interactions.

Holly McKinnon, PTA

Rhonda Epstein, L.Ac., MTOM

Tom Henson, PT, DPT

Alex Cerna, PT, DPT

PT Aides

PT Assistants

Check out the G3 clinic

Our recently remodeled clinic features the tools and equipment necessary to facilitate all aspects of our health and rehabilitation services. Inside these walls, we hope to provide a safe and encouraging environment for our patients.