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G3 is a people-centric clinic providing Southern California with physical therapy treatment, women’s health advice, nutritional guidance and fitness coaching in an engaging, and safe environment.

The Best Physical Therapy Encinitas Has To Offer!

It seems more people suffer from some form of chronic pain than ever before. When you are the one who is in pain, and you need to choose a reliable and affordable physical therapist, it seems like your options remain limited. Most physical therapists are expensive, charging higher rates that they pass on to insurance companies, and they may only specialize in a particular field of therapy.

When you need a local physical therapy clinic in Encinitas CA , G3 Physical Therapy & Wellness remains the best choice. We offer more area residents better treatment options, bringing pain relief to more patients than anyone else. If you’re tired of struggling with long lasting pain and don’t know who to turn to, we have effective treatment solutions for your needs.

Our Services

Unlike other physical therapists that directly focus on sports-related injuries, we have convenient and affordable treatment options for more types of pain. Regardless if you were injured on the job, were involved in a car accident, or have a pre-existing condition, we can find a way to help you that is safe, easy, and effective. When you decide to choose us, you’re getting the best local treatment choices for:

  • Lower Back Pain
  • Sciatic Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Arthritis
  • Women’s Health Needs
  • And more.

No matter what chronic pain ailments you may be living with, we’ll have an effective option for your treatment needs.

Lower Back Pain and Sciatica 

Many of our patients have lower back pain, and it’s a common injury to have. From improper heavy lifting to physical trauma, the back is especially vulnerable to injury and pain. We treat more bad backs than any other local physical therapist office, helping your back pain better than anyone else. Sciatic pain is caused by pressure placed on the sciatic nerve, usually from a herniated disc or some type of bone spur always pushing down against the nerve. As a result, chronic pain and stiffness will occur, potentially down one or both legs, as well as the lower back. If not treated properly, this form of pain will start out as dull but quickly worsen with time. Let us help treat your sciatic pain and get back to your normal life again

Neck Pain

Neck pain may be caused by stress or by trauma. In either case, physical therapy can help reduce swelling, take pressure off of nerves, and ease or eliminate pain altogether. Let our team relieve your neck pain the easy way.


Arthritis is more commonly found in patients’ hands, but can occur anywhere your body has inflammation. Some arthritis is minor enough to ignore, while other cases require treatment.  We have physical therapy options for all forms of arthritis, giving you a better option.

Women’s Health

Women’s health options are hard to find despite common occurrences of pelvic organ prolapse and other pain-causing health problems specific to women. Our staff has effective treatment options for female health needs, making you feel like new again.

If you have painful health issues that would benefit from physical therapy, let us help you. We’ve the experience and knowledge you can trust for your recovery.